Terms & Conditions

1. Validity

Prices are open for acceptance for 30 days from the date of offer. Please reconfirm the prices after the expiry date or before sending your Purchase Order.

2. Payment Terms

100% is due to ZOHO Corp after downloading the software with an official software key that is provided by ZOHO Corp.

3. Payment Mode

ZOHO Corp. accepts payments through credit card. Please contact sales@manageengine.com for payment particulars.

4. License Terms

(a) Deployment of software applications developed with ZOHO Corp OEM products outside the development environment may require purchase of deployment license. If you have purchased an ZOHO Corp OEM product and wish to deploy the developed software application outside the development environment, contact ManageEngine Sales for details of applicable deployment fees.
(b) Please refer to ZOHO Corp Software Licensing Terms. ZOHO Corp will be pleased to send you a copy on request

5. Price of the software are exclusive of tax, fees or levies.